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Balloon Decorations

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Balloons decoration trend is increasing in India

India is a colorful country. Given the vast heritage and culture of our country, various Indian cultures have vivid decoration techniques in times of celebration. In the modern era, urbanization has indeed changed the aspect of our decoration methods too. Designing or decorating is the part of aesthetics of a place and they play a major role in one’s life as where you live, so you become. A lion in a cage is different than a free roaming lion in a forest. Similarly, even if the decoration materials are same, the way you arrange them plays important role.

Balloons have been used from ages for decorating purposes. Although it’s a western trend, it is slowly catching up in India as well. Balloon decoration is now preferred by interior decors as well as it adds up to the aesthetics of a place.

Balloons in advertising                

Nowadays, many corporations opt for balloon advertising. They inflate a large sized balloon high up in the air in their targeted areas with company’s brand on it. Mostly used to announce some major developments or exciting offers this can catch public’s eye.

Banners, hoardings, & pamphlets still play a major part in outdoor road advertising, but the sales & marketing teams also choose for balloon advertising to go along with it. Especially in a country like India, if people find a large balloon inflated up with company’s logo, it attracts the eye ten times better than a simple hoarding.

Portability in advertisement

Corporations order huge stocks of small size rubber balloons with their brand name printed on it. They are also useful for remote advertising as balloons are easily portable. Carrying a banner is not always that easy if marketing includes travelling as well. Thus, balloons can be carried easily and whenever required, they can be pumped and put as advertising thing.

Balloons are viewable from all angles

Balloon advertising provides an omni-directional view to public. Suppose a balloon is hanged up from top, it can be seen perfectly from all angles.LED balloons are also available nowadays that glow and provide much better viewing experience.