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Make the auspicious occasion of your loved one’s more special by gifting box full of chocolates

Chocolates & Chocolate Bouquets are the universal gift items that can be gifted to all people irrespective of age. By presenting chocolates to discerning chocolate lovers you can expect a smile from that person, twinkle in their eyes and even spreads the charm of love. This can be presented as a gift to your near ones on their auspicious occasion such as birthdays’, women’s days, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, mother’s day etc. These chocolate gifts are available in different shapes, sizes and flavors.

Express your happiness by gifting chocolates

You can gift these chocolates to express the feelings, emotions and happiness towards the person. You can even gift them for expressing love, get well, new baby, cheers, congratulations, sympathy, hope, baby showers, engagement, house moves, completion of graduation, "I'm Sorry and many more. For example, a bouquet along with chocolate box with “anniversary message” will be more preferable than just wishing with flowers. It is the vivacious way to execute all the wishes and to blemish your beloved ones.  You can express your care, love, happiness and joy towards the recipient by gifting this scrumptious and pleasant gift. This even creates positive impression on the person’s mind and drains away all the disputes between you and your love or friends.

When you gift a chocolate box to someone ensure that they have different variety of flavors and even choose the chocolates having soft cream filling inside.

Many online gift stores are available across the world. You can get different variety of chocolates at one place. You can select the chocolates from thousands of varieties for any occasions from birthday to Christmas from online stores and can order them easily with a few clicks of the mouse. The people deliver the chocolates gift box at your place quickly on the desired time and date. They never disappoint you and work beyond your imagination. You can send a surprise gift for the people staying away from you on their auspicious occasion and make their day special with the help of these stores. These online stores provide handmade, artistic and designer chocolates as per the customer requirement.

They use different silk ribbons, bows, papers of different colors such as pink, gold, silver, etc. to pack the chocolate gift basket in an attractive and eye-catching manner. The packing remains the same as done by the online store people even transported for far distances. You can even pack them in small pouches, baskets or boxes by engraving the name of your nearest one’s on it.

Types of chocolates

Chocolates are mainly prepared using cocoa. The different types of chocolates that are available in the market include semisweet chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, etc.  These chocolates are mainly prepared using

  • Ordinary cacao beans that are very cheap and produced in large amounts
  • Special cacao beans, that are aromatic and expensive
  • Mixture of ordinary and special cocoa

The rate and flavor of the chocolate are categorized based on three factors

  • Type and amount of additives used
  • Treatment and roasting of beans undergone
  • Type of cocoa beans used

White chocolates

This is prepared by mixing cocoa butter, vanilla, milk, emulsifier and other additives. This chocolate will be usually appearing in off-white colors. This is mostly liked by kids and gives a tempting flavor for every appetite. The fat content of cacao beans in these chocolates is very less compared to other chocolates. This rich and mild flavored chocolate is gifted to the people you love and care most. Many companies are making these chocolates in different sizes to attract kids and elders.

Milk Chocolate

This sweet and yummy chocolate contains about 10 to 20 % of cocoa solids i.e. cocoa and cocoa butter and 12% of milk solids. This delectable chocolate treats ooze with tempting sweetness.

Dark chocolate

This sweetened chocolate contains high amount of cocoa solids with 12% of milk. This chocolate is available in different flavors such as sweet, semisweet, bittersweet, unsweetened, etc. It is the perfect and a brilliant way to convey birthday wishes, anniversary wishes; I love you and miss you terms. This luscious, soft chocolate is very delicious in taste. Eating this promotes good health, since, it contains less fat content. A box full of dark chocolates is the perfect gift for the occasion or moment you would like to cherish forever.

Semisweet chocolate

You can get this dark baking chocolates in any online or grocery stores easily.  It has mild, sweet and pleasant flavor. It contains around 40-62% of cocoa solids. These semi sweet chocolates are arranged in chocolate boxes or hampers in an attractive way to gift to the loved ones on Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries.  The taste of these chocolates remains on the lips until a week.

Bittersweet chocolate

Generally a dark sweetened chocolate comprises of around 35% of cocoa solids whereas a high quality bittersweet chocolate contains around 60%-85% of cocoa solids.  The percentage of solids depends on the companies, few may use high percentage and a few may use a less percentage to prepare this bittersweet chocolate. Since, this chocolate has high content of cocoa so it will use only a less percentage of sugar giving rich, strong and bitter flavor. European types of bittersweet chocolate contain high amount of cocoa solids and will be bitter in taste.

Chocolates are the popular gifts across the world for any auspicious occasions or moments. These are considered as safe and smart choice for all occasions. People rejoice the moment by having a piece of chocolate. You can show your love and happiness towards the person by gifting a basket full of chocolates they like. Bright or fun color papers are used to wrap the chocolate box to give an attractive and appealing look.

Chocolates have been the brilliant gift items from since past centuries and are still continuing. No gift item can be replaced with chocolates. These are evergreen and will have demand as long as people love eating them.