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Astrological Flower Meaning


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Every person is born in a particular zodiac sign and has certain general characteristics or traits. However, the person’s character can also be determined by the zodiac flower sign. There are 12 zodiac signs and each zodiac sign has a zodiac flower sign that can very well characterize the personality of an individual.

    • HONEYSUCKLE (ARIES- March 21- April 19): a honeysuckle person has a strong and charming personality and have the inborn leadership quality. Sometimes they portray an egoistic and aggressive attribute. They are assertive and confident people. They have the potential to overcome difficulties and achieve success through their determination. They attract people like honeysuckle attracts bees.

    • POPPY (TAURAS- April 20-May 19): poppy people are very sophisticated and classy people. They like to do things with a touch of style and trend. They are highly organized people. They are very strong and patient people. They like to give and receive joy. They take the right decisions during the hardest of times.

    • LAVENDER (GEMINI- May 20-June 20): the lavender people are immensely creative and innovative. They love to explore and experiment. They are always eager to receive new ideas and try them. They are very expressive and like lavender can charm people all around.

    • ACCANTHUS (CANCER- June 21- July 22): accanthus people are very sensitive and compassionate. They are really warm and reactive. They often understand people and are really perceptive. They are family loving people. They enjoy the secure environment all around and try to spread the same warmth. They spread love and joy and are natural healers too.

    • SUNFLOWER (Leo- July 23- August 21): Sunflower people are bright and smart and confident. They can take up and win almost an impossible challenge. They are headstrong people. They are loving, trustworthy, caring people. They mostly prove to be the center of attention and people seek advice from them as they are very wise as well.

    • MORNING GLORY (VIRGO- August 22-September 22): they are very helpful and thoughtful people. They try to organize everything properly. They chalk out a plan before taking any action. They are practical and rational people as well. They are quite observant. They love to keep things right. They are also very reflective and take initiative to make themselves useful.

    • ROSE (LIBRA- September 22- October 22): Rose people are truth loving people. They have a deep insight and somehow manages to find out the underlying meaning of a particular thing. They are very friendly and happy-go-lucky kind of people. Poetry, art and classical beauty intrigue them. They take a stand against injustice and unfairness. Friends and family makes them happiest.

    • CHRYSANTHEMUM (SCORPIO- October 22- November 21): These people are very active people. They a package of surprises. They have many layers. They are very intense when it comes to emotions. They are honest people and expect the surrounding to be the same. They help people at emotional levels.

    • NARCISSUS (SAGITTARIOUS- November 22- December 21): They are wise and faithful people. They can be very persuasive and influential. They are often blunt and honest. The luck mostly favors them. They are strong in front of all but have a sensitive side which they hardly portray. They are pretty imaginative.

    • CARNATION (CAPRICORN-December 22- January 21): They are very hard-working and determined people. They are very ambitious and if they set a goal, they make sure they achieve it. They are dedicated and generally witness success.

    • ORCHID (AQUIRIAN-January 22- February 19): They are very inventive and active people. Very sensitive and passionate. They tend to attract people due to their friendly personality. They are very creative. They are very emotional about relationships and family. They love to stay organized.

    • WATER LILY (PISCES- February 20- March 20): They are very selfless and soft people. They believe in giving more than taking. They would rather stay coy and follow instead of leading. They are very naïve and pure by nature and hence they tend to get carried away. They are easily influenced or discouraged. They are very imaginative and innovative.

Every person has various attributes. Some are good while others are great. Each person must understand their own personality as it is very complex and must try to bring out the best in themselves by channelizing their positive points in the right direction. Each flower has various attributes just like every individual and every lovely flower has its own beauty, charm and characteristics.