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Meaning Of Roses

Meaning Of Roses? Choose Roses wisely and efficiently! and Make someone smile today!

rose varieties

Roses Meaning

Roses are a significant part of many occasions. A rose could be more expressive than an expensive gift. Roses are found in various and different colors; each color indicating different meaning and feeling. So one should be really careful when giving a rose to someone to show their feelings. The colors of which roses are generally seen are Pink, Red, Yellow and White. But there are many more colors which are now produced through careful engineering and thanks to this technique, people have so many more colors to suit and express their thoughts and moods. .

Pink Roses

There is a meaning of dark and light pink rose. Dark pink or deep magenta color roses are to express gratefulness or gratitude towards a person. For example: if you want to thank a person for something, you can present them with a bouquet. Light pink roses are to show appreciation or congratulate a person. For example: if you want to congratulate a person for their achievements, you may present them a bouquet or light pink roses.

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Red Roses

needless to say, it is the color of love and passion. The common red roses express the feeling of love and romance and passion. If one wants to propose to a person or have been longing to have a relationship with someone, red rose says it all. Dark red or deep burgundy or blood red roses are given to express the most intense kind of love and passion for a person. It is mostly presented by partners to each other who have been in a relationship for long. Presenting a particular number of red roses have a significance too. Giving a dozen roses i.e. A bunch of twelve roses means that one is proposing the other to consider being in a relationship. It is appropriate to present a bunch of nine roses to the partner in an already established relationship. It means that one wants togetherness forever. Presenting a bunch of 36 roses means that one is irrevocably and totally in love with the other. It is quite flamboyant.

Mix Color Roses

White and Yellow Roses

WHITE ROSE: it is the color of peace and commitment. It symbolizes happiness and prosperity. It signifies innocence and purity of a relationship and hence it is used for weddings; to convey how pure this relationship is.
YELLOW ROSE: it is the color of friendship. If someone has been longing to befriend a person, a bunch of yellow roses can help them easily. It symbolizes faith, warmth and understanding between two friends. It indicates the brightness of the friendship. A yellow rose with a red tip signifies that the person wants to culminate the friendship into a love relationship.

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GREEN & Black Rose

GREEN ROSE: green rose is a rarity as well. It signifies growth, life , prosperity and serenity. It would be really thoughtful to present a person who has not been in good health with a bunch of green roses.
BLACK ROSE: it is a color of unhappiness or darkness. When a person presents someone with a black rose, it is generally to signify death or depression or negativity. However, it also signifies farewell, hence it expresses the grief of someone parting from one's life. However, a black rose is capable of building misunderstandings between two people. One should think cautiously before presenting a person with a rose of a specific color. It could either make or break the relationship. However, giving a rose in an immensely sweet gesture. If not establishing a relationship, it will certainly prove to be helpful enough for a start.

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Lavender and Orange Rose

Lavender Rose: The purple colour is a symbol for royalty. A purple or a lavender coloured rose is a symbol of regal majesty and splendour.
Orange Rose: Orange is a colour originating from the combination of yellow and red. Orange roses bridge the gap between friendship and love. These roses connote desire, passion and enthusiasm. They can also be an expression of fascination. They are perfect for honeymoons, academic achievements and similar such

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Dark Pink Rose

A dark pink rose is used to convey appreciation and gratitude. Traditionally a dark pink rose has always been used to convey thankfulness and regards. Honest appreciation is the essence of a dark pink rose.

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