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Celebrate Republic Day With Flowers

Republic day is the national holiday, on 26th January, and you may have got the punch of patriotism going on you. So there is republic day function at every reputed place across the country. Even your school, college, office, apartment, housing society may be celebrating it. Now what do you need to celebrate 26th January? An Indian tricolor and flowers! That’s it. It is not just something to enjoy. It is not a festival, it’s an occasion. A national occasion! Flowers are as mandatory as the flag to celebrate the national day. The Indian flag will be accompanied by rose petals when it will be unfurled and saluted. The flowers form an important part in every festival, and republic day is no different. Our prestigious flag will be wrapped up for hoisting only after the flowers are inserted in it.

Flowers tryst with destiny of republic India

Then all the national offices throughout the country will commemorate 65th anniversary of Indian republic in 2014. Garlands will be exchanged among big honoraries. National heroes and freedom fighters’ photo will be decorated with beautiful flowers. The chief guests will get a token of love and bouquets of flowers that shows the importance of the day.

 Amar Jawan memorial in New Delhi will be flooded with flowers and so will be the Raj-path and Red Fort where prime minister will address the nation. There will be lots and lots of bouquets of different kinds of flowers. All the key people will be honored with bouquet of flowers. The patriotism if accompanied by colorful flowers enhances your loyalty even further.

The flowery showers given in some state capitals on the flag is just simply mesmerizing. What follows the flower show is the exchange of flower bouquets and the entire atmosphere becomes happy and cheerful. Speeches given with flowers in the background provide new hopes, optimisms, and expectations. Whether it is fact or fiction, but that’s true, people get convinced much faster if there are lots of flowers around. That is the reason flowers and flower-arrangements make a top priority in such events.

The flowers had always been used all over the world for its honoring for its martyrs. The soldiers, when die fighting for a nation is often enfolded with their national flag on their coffin and with some beautiful flowers. You cannot take flowers out of any felicitation event of national importance.

Now what gift you want to give to anybody on republic day? Now you might be puzzled, republic day is the day to receive and offer gifts, but you can start a tradition. If you are going to any flag-hoisting event in your office, school, college or wherever, just get a bouquet of flowers and the small replica of Indian tricolor. If preferred, make three color arrangements in bouquet such a way that the flowers resemble the color of the Indian flag. That is such an amazing thing. A very unique idea that can become a revolution and then you might see every republic day will be celebrated with three colored flowers. Mogra can be used for saffron color, representing courage. Anyways Mogra is a bold flower and is perfect for representing saffron color in the flag. There are so many white flowers available and all of the white flowers represent freshness and peace. Lilies can be perfectly blended to make the middle band of Indian tricolor. Green color in our flag is itself representing greenery and prosperity of nature.  Flowers are part of nature, thus in turn; green color is representing flowers to some extent. Now flowers repay it back by being a part of green in Indian flag. Leaves of flowers can be utilized to depict the bottom band of tricolor. The small lavender flower can be arranged in the middle of white flower in such a way that it gives a resemblance of Ashoka Chakra. Three bright colors of our flag can be represented by the bright flowers of nature. Now republic day cannot be better for a nature lover. Patriotism is combined with nature’s best things. The Tricolored bunch of flowers can be the flavor of every 15th August or 26th January if this trend catches on.  The flower shops can make this type of bouquet consisting of three colors, four if Ashoka chakra is counted. The orange colored flowers, white flowers and green flowers will be in great demand on Republic days that depict our flag. That type of bouquet will truly be an Indian bouquet literally and visually. “ Pushpa Tiranga” (Sanskrit of “ Tricolored flowers”) will be seen everywhere on the Republic and independence days. And they are really very easy to make. Our Indian flag is very simple in geometry and does not have any tricky symbols or signs. This will be of great advantage while making bouquets as anyone can assemble orange, white, green flowers and make a perfect bouquet for our national days.

So this republic day, bring out your patriotic soul inside you and celebrate the countrywide parade with three colorful flowers.