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Wedding Flowers Guide

Getting Married? Make the Day the Unforgettable and Beautiful! and Choose flowers!

wedding flowers arrangement Getting Married? Make the Day the Unforgettable and Beautiful!

Wedding preparations and planning for the wedding day begin the moment the date is fixed.  Nevertheless, for Indian parents it starts the moment their child is born! This is unique to Indian culture and traditions. Indian parents start saving for their child’s wedding from day one and when finally the day arrives; parents leave no stone unturned to make it the most memorable day in their as well as their child’s life.

Worrying About Wedding Decorations? Look No Further

Decorations form an indelible part of the entire occasion. Not only for the wedding day, but also for the smaller functions held before the wedding, decorations are very important. One of the favorite decorative items used in Indian weddings is the flowers. Floral decorations add color, vibrancy and an elegant look to the entire function.  One can never go wrong with floral decorations! Moreover, flowers can be easily combined will other decorative items such as ribbons, satin curtains, sequins, carpeted dais or floors etc.

How to Choose the Best Floral Decoration? The Answer is here! 

  There are varieties of floral decorations from which one can choose from, when organizing a wedding. Some of the points to be considered, while choosing are:

wedding flowers arrangement

  • One must consider the season in which the wedding is being held. For example, if it's being held in summer one can make decorations out of magnolias, lilies, flamingo flowers etc. Most flowers that bloom in summer are lighter in shade, but have a lovely fragrance. Similarly, a winter wedding must have roses, carnations, orchids etc. So it is a good idea to keep in mind the season and choose flowers accordingly
  • If it is themed wedding that one is organizing, then it is a good idea to make the decorations according to the theme. A western themed Indian wedding must have touches of white. However, in most Indian weddings white is a color to be avoided. Hence, it would be a good idea to combine white lilies with red roses. This would offset the color white and the guests would be busy admiring the decoration and not notice that white is one of the pre-dominant colors!

Floral decorations go best with other decorative items and hence the whole ambiance of the ceremony would be very opulent.

What Happens when West Meets East?

Nowadays many wedding organizers have to organize Western weddings in India. These weddings cannot have traditional decorations or flowers. In such a scenario one should use floral decorations commonly used in Western weddings. One can use flowers that are white in color such as lilies, tulips or even white roses. While making floral decorations for western weddings, one should use a lot of silver such as silver ribbons, neutral colored sequins, etc. This will make the decorations appealing and at the same time make it more exciting.

Wondering about Wedding Party Decorations

wedding flowers arrangement

Once the actual wedding is over, there has to be a party after it. Even though these parties are more about having fun and enjoying with friends and family, one must plan the wedding party with equal care. The decoration of the wedding party can be brighter and more radiant in comparison to the decoration being used in the marriage ceremony itself.

Usually, the wedding parties are held in the evening. A wedding party more about music, food and the whole atmosphere is more laid back. The decorations used should reflect this mood. Floral decorations can again be used, but it is better to use brighter colored flowers.

Use Floral Decorations and Make the Wedding Party Superb!

Orchids, roses, chrysanthemums are the usual favorites, when it comes to the wedding party decorations. One can also choose flowers that have strong fragrances to brighten up the evening. When decorating, it should be kept in mind that the idea is to add color to the evening festivities. So the flowers should have long stalks, to ensure that the green contrasts with the color of the flower. One can use beautiful satin or plastic ribbons to add color and class to the party.

 If there is a theme to the party, one should choose decorations keeping that in mind. Most wedding parties are dazzling affairs and hence, the decorations should be brilliant as well. For example, if the theme is a grand Indian wedding, then it is a good idea to keep the decorations traditional, by using flowers that have always been a part of Indian wedding.

wedding flowers arrangement

However, if the organizers are looking for a more modern outlook, then one can choose less traditional flowers like lilies and carnations. One can even try using long stalked orchids like the Himalayan fragrant orchid or even rhododendrons. And the guests will be amazed by the freshness of the idea.  So go ahead and make interesting decorations to make the wedding an event to remember.