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The mixture of flowers undoubtedly makes the bouquet look extremely beautiful and splendid. It is the best way to bring forth the beauty and the hidden meaning behind each flower. The mixture of colors bring forth a veritable aura that is magnificent, the hues and the shades blend in together to create a mesmerizing effect. An unfading smile can be expected to be on the face of the person to whom it is being gifted and the smile can be expected to be stuck there for a long time. These mixtures influence the imaginations and the mind of the person and make them happy beyond imagination.  The various shades blend in and resonate an effect which is simply breathtaking as well as spectacular. As you mix different flowers with each other, they give out a very different meaning and create a very different effect. The mixture of roses with gerbera will mean a lot more different from a mixture of roses and lilies, thus is the effect of a simple substitution in case of flowers.