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Now,when we talk about occasionsin which we would surely find carnations are:-

1) Mother’s day-Carnations are symbols of mother's love and motherly affection and hence it is the flower for mothers' day.It is also a fact that Anna Jarvis,the founder of the Mother's day gave carnations to her mother on the first mother's day and hence it is chosen as the mother's day flower.

2) Funerals-In France, it is a traditional funeral flower, given on the condolence for the loved one.

3)Labour day and may day-In countries such as Austria and Italy,red carnations are worn as a symbol of socialism...

Thus, carnations are used as different symbols carrying varied meanings for different occasions across globe.The best part remaining that carnations are beautiful flowers used for decorations because it bloom lasts even longer time after being cut.

Flowers gifted on funerals

Traditionally, flowers are used in funeral customs so that it brings comfort to those who are grieving. Flowers are also used to decorate grave sites because they are good to express condolences. Today many people choose flowers what the deceased person preferred and lilies are the most common flower used to signify humility. White carnations and white daisies are also a good choice to be gifted.