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Christmas Collection

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With every year that goes, we learn. We learn a lesson that can be taught by no one but our own life. These lessons make us who we are. We have come across people, moments and possessions in this year that is bidding us goodbye, with a hope that someday our paths might just intersect.

New Year's eve is when we get together, when we realise that life is not about holding onto things or people or the times spent. It is all about experiencing whatever comes by and then moving on. Happiness lies in the memories we cherish, the remembrances we hold and the love we spread.

Christmas is time which everyone waits for, right from the beginning of the new year. Come November and the festive mood begins to make its presence felt in our hearts already. This is the time when we are eager to get done with the studies and the work and everything else to get right into the holiday season. We chart out our holiday shopping plans, plan out to go to holiday destinations, decide the menu and plan the gifts. It is like a constant and continuous phase of excitement. This is the time of the year when we gather with our friends, families and the near and dear ones irrespective of our work schedules because this is a very special time of the year and it deserves celebration.

The topic of discussion at the time of this festive season is about the gifts that need to be given. Along with gifts one thing that can be used for gifting are flowers. Flowers have been used for gifting purposes for a long time, ever since one can trace it back in time. Flowers make for perfect gifts for any given occasion. They are fragrant, colourful and lovely looking and they always tend to bring a smile on the faces of the ones who get it.